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We are Mewin Company, one of the most reputable Kurdistan Region general trading company that represents leading enormous projects and agricultural suppliers on the region scale..

Being a reliable and trustworthy company, we have the innate capability to execute orders of all sizes. We strive to provide the highest quality products and services for the most affordable price in the region,

  • honesty.
  • integrity.
  • value are what our company’s reputation is built upon.

We put our best foot forward to be the most efficient and professional company in the industry in Kurdistan and iraq, while promptly delivering only the highest quality products and services – we place our customers as the first priority in all stages of the product and service delivery chain.

Our Vision

_ To be Trusted & recognized for quality and innovative solutions.
_ To understand and meet customers’ requirements.
_ To maintain excellence in all our endeavors.

Our Mission

_ To start massive projects with long lasting guarantees.
_ To generate awareness in Kurdistan market towards enormous services.
_ To develop a bridge for helping customers looking for customized products.

Our Quality

_ With a grand mindset, we start in smart plans and agendas.
_ we deliver in time we review and solve any issues happening.
_ We always think back and review our executed projects finals.

Our Services


Here is some of our under plan services that we sticking around

Real Estate

Mewin as a brokerage is a firm that joined and work in real estate sector.

Agricultural Services

We are ready to build any agriculture based services and provide suppliers.

Highways Construction

We are ready to consult any highway sizing projects in the region.

Factory Services

We deliver and setup any mass production factory devices from anywhere into region.

Housing Construction

We manage infrastructure projects, modern cities and on demand housing construction.

General Trading

Mewin Company as an Ltd. is ready to deal in any custom business projects.

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Here you can look at some of our activities

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Our Address

Erbil, Ainkawa 44001, Baharka Road, 4 Towers, Tower A, Floor 12, Suite 57

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